Josh Gordon joins Fan Controlled Football

The NFL won’t let receiver Josh Gordon play. So he has found another league.

The chronically-suspended star player, whose most recent conditional reinstatement eventually became yet another indefinite banishment, has joined Fan Controlled Football.

Via Adam Schefter of, Zappers owner Bob Menery says that the team has added Gordon to a roster that also includes former Browns teammate Johnny Manziel.

The three-week regular season ends this weekend, with the Zappers facing the Wild Aces tonight and the Beasts taking on the Glacier Boyz tomorrow. All four teams are eligible for the playoffs, which start next weekend.

Manziel won’t play tonight for the 0-2 Zappers after undergoing emergency dental surgery. He exited the Atlanta bubble to return to Arizona for the procedure.

It’s unclear whether Gordon will play tonight.

Fan Controlled Football features seven-on-seven action on a 50-yard studio arena, with the games streamed live on Twitch. There are no kickoffs, punts, or goal posts, and the games last one hour on a running clock. After a touchdown, the two-point play consists of a quarterback, one receiver, and one defensive back with a play from the five yard line.

Here’s a look at the Week One highlights from the Zappers’ loss to the Beasts.